Five Countries to Visit in 2018


Since it’s already that time of the year when begin to think about places to visit during our next holidays, let’s have a look at the top five countries to visit in 2018.

The United Arab Emirates

Metropolitana a Dubai
Image courtesy of: ViviDubai

As the country gets ready to boom in 2020, when Dubai will host the World Expo, the United Arab Emirates are a must-visit destination in 2018, especially if you haven’t been there yet.

Gone are the days when you had to be a billionaire to find a spot for you in the Emirates.

With affordable flight getting you there from pretty much any big airport in the world, the Emirates are a tourism mecca with thousands of attractions fitting every pockets.



Get lost in Vilnius or get out and discover Kaunas, the so-called Ibiza of the Baltics.

While the country might no longer be the empire that ruled the East, today’s independent Lithuania is a buzzing nation where people live and breathe innovation.

Since 2014 this is also one of Europe’s top spot for social gamers. That’s exactly when the bar Kampas (Bažnyčios g. 15, Kaunas) started to hand out coupon codes to redeem WSOP free chips to play online games for free. You can use the coupons on the computer in-house or simply collect them and play when you get home after a drink or two.

And, trust me, you will not stop at the first drink.

South Korea

South Korea
Image Courtesy of BBC

You need to visit this one before the two crazy leaders (the blond and the fat one) don’t decide to get rid of it and make it disappear in a snap.

Being one of the most conservative and innovative countries in the world at the same time, a trip to South Korea is an experience like no others.

Start from the vibrant Seoul and then try to spend at least a couple of days in the countryside. You will hardly believe both places can exist under the same roof.


Jemaa el fna

Make sure you take time to get lost in the Medinas of Fez and Marrakech before you hop on a jeep and get to the desert.

Get ready for liters of mint tea, delicious spices, and probably the best olives you will ever eat in your life.

Cheap (but not TOO cheap), Morocco is a mystic destination where the most beautiful Riads, tradition and religion coexist with the ambition of a generation ready to try anything to make Morocco great again.



While it might not be the easiest one to reach, Nicaragua is one of the few countries in the world where none of your friends have been yet.

This Caribbean destination is perfect for a romantic time to chill at the beach (and to play around with money and banks, if that’s what you do in your free time).

If you have time, make sure you start your tour from the charming Managua and you get enough time to visit the city of Granada, a true gem from the Spanish time.


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