Cool Gadgets to take on your Next Trip


You’re excited! You are standing in a line at the check-in in the airport. The lady at the desk lets you through. You board the plane. Finally, you take off. This is going to be the greatest holiday ever!
Wait. Did you really pack everything you need?

Trip Essentials To Take On Every Holiday


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How many times have we packed for a trip no matter whether it was a local hiking trip or a holiday abroad? If you are even a little bit like me, you probably feel anxious about forgetting anything when you pack.

What’s worse is that every time you probably tell yourself that you will make a list but you never do. Well, we have prepared a handy checklist for your next trip. Here it is:

  1. Notebook
  2. Water Resistant Wallet
  3. Fidget Spinner
  4. Pocket knife
  5. Pair of socks


Maybe you’re bored, maybe you need to write down something important. There is a million reasons to always have a notebook next to you on your trips. I personally do not trust mobile phones in this case because they can be stolen or lost. Or simply be out of juice. And it is always in those moments when we need that crucial code, that phone number or address.

Water Resistant Wallet

Here’s why I love water resistant wallets (of course, zip lock bags work just as well) – water resistant usually means virtually universal protection. For example, one time my wallet fell into the sea while we were on a small fishing boat but luckily, the air in the bag didn’t let it sink.

Fidget Spinner

I love it. Simple as that. At first I was a bit hesitant of including fidgets because the public making jokes but people learn more about fidgets every day. They have a ton of uses – finger practice for guitarists, stress relief, etc.


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Pocket knife

No matter where I travel, I always have a pocket knife next to me (except planes, naturally). You may be fishing, climbing, locked outside of the car, unable to open a jar of olives or in a bunch of other situations where a pocket knife can save you. You’ve seen MacGyver, haven’t you?

Pair of clean socks

You may not think of it much but in truth, a sock is one of the universal items for any traveler. Dry feet can boost morale, but knowing a few tricks and knots you can turn a sock into a pot, a hunting tool as well as find many other uses.

So, where are you off to next? Pack your bags, don’t forget to bookmark our list and if you think we should include any other essential items that other travelers should know about, please don’t hesitate to share.

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