Holidays: Are they for trying out new things or relax doing what you like?

Certainly, a tricky question. I am sure that every trip must strike a balance between what you like doing and trying new things. To make the most out of your holidays abroad, you need to answer one important question. Why do you travel? It is perfectly normal to let your hobbies lead your travels. Think about poker and casino game players. They can visit 5-10 different countries each year and only go as far as their hotel wi-fi allows. Because they get their kicks at the tables. They meet new people, they experience ups and downs. They do what they feel most comfortable doing. Casino tourism is exciting but also challenging. You can find out more here. Unless you are a die-hard Blackjack or poker fan, you probably do want to experience something new. Absolutely, go. Explore. However, I personally had many trips that were too full of these new experiences. It was too exhausting. So much so, I actually needed a few days just to lie in bed to recover after I came back. And that’s especially the case if you live a fast paced life and don’t have much time for your hobbies. And if you are traveling with kids, chances are you just want to relax. So, what’s the solution? Not having anything to tell your friends when you come back from a trip is as frustrating as feeling absolutely exhausted from a trip that you don’t have a minute to rest. Balance is key My advice is to try to balance it out. Even before the travel try to find ways to relax and do what you like while you’re experiencing something new. For example, if you are a guitar player and you are planning to spend the night in a desert, find a way to take your guitar with you. The night in an unusual place will already be spectacular but your own hobby will make it even better. While this advice fits with many hobbies on many travels, it, of course, won’t work in every situation. Just try to find a way. Sometimes, it may cost you a little extra but it helps you not to get overwhelmed too much and, interestingly enough, experience a more profound moment simply because you have a point of comfort – your instrument, camera, etc. Make sure you try out balancing your hobbies with your travels and share your experiences with us.