10 things that you should not do in Las Vegas


If you think that while traveling to Las Vegas you will be taking all your money for medication, balancing the pain with a painful hole in the sleeping area and awakening your married couple, think again.


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  1. To drive a long, exciting trip to McCarran International Airport, I leapt in and out of one of my taxis waiting to bring tourists to the surrounding lakes. The Las Vegas Strip Street was visible from the takeoff and runway, but when your taxi rides in the airport tunnel, it seems like you are traveling far from the neon sign and close-knit guests who were so close to the moment . This is because you are on a longer path. The practice of hiking tourists over the long haul along the airport tunnel is a big problem in Las Vegas and the one that Nevada Taxicab Authority is punishing for. In order to avoid fraud, do not forget to ask a taxi driver to ride through Swenson Street, not through an airport tunnel.
  2. To use casino ATMs. ATMs are located in the casino of Las Vegas, in order to tempt the tired people with their comfort and proximity. However, make a service for yourself (and your bank account) and do not give in to temptation. Casino ATMs are subject to one of the highest taxes than anywhere else – we were listening to the horrific tale of about $ 10 worth of one bank operation. Better look for one of the non-casino ATMs – use a convenient computerized computer search engine to avoid fraud and spend these money on casino games instead of paying taxes.
  3. Follow the bad etiquette at Budami Las Vegas, see how to go to the blackjack lo-ma’s table. First, do not give money in the crust directly; The security cameras have to capture everything, so put your money on the table so that you spread them in the groove and cram directly on top of the camcorders. Also, be aware that the camera may require you to display your decisions by hand in the groin. Do not bend the card (it looks as if you are croaking). Leave a toy at the stake, especially if you win (casino coasters usually work for a minimum wage). Do not pull off your table from the table and do not put it under the table, and you should always keep your large tokens in a visible place. And finally, the use of mobile phones is prohibited at the table, so do not bother with that guy.
  4. Careless walk across the street. Want to get an old and good chance of getting out of court in your already-so-expensive vacation in Las Vegas? All you have to do is go through the street. According to a study by Transportation for America, Las Vegas is one of the most dangerous cities in the area for livelihoods – so visiting enthusiasts are penalized for traveling to a wide range of pizza crossing lines on Strip. Fines can reach a few dollars a dollar, so there’s one corner you do not want to cut.
  5. Buy water bottles on the street. The first reason not to buy water bottles for non-salesmen on the Strip is not legal. It is prohibited to sell non-food merchandise to water and other goods unless they have a business permit. Second reason: based on the 8 News NOW channel in Las Vegas, the police are taking more rigorous measures, because “they are repackaged and used by other tourists to sell used bottles with water”. If you dine in Las Vegas for good reasons, it’s really not a good idea to get water that is not flooded. And do not you want it yourself or not?best night life in the world - las vegas
  6. Abruptly awkward shoes. Although your dressing may be a five inches tall pillow, your pedestrians are mourning for the comfort of a baby after a never-ending casino. The caverns on Strip Street are always bigger than you think: the MGM Grand game has an area of 16,000. Sq. M Meter! In addition, there is an unforgettable passage from one casino to the next. As we walk past the casino, we recommend stylish
    but comfortable hollow towels, such as Clarks’ knuckle hinged towels with an extra inset, which means you do not have a painful shoe-polished half.
  7. Stop at a taxi on Strip Street. Did you know that stopping a taxi on the Las Vegas Strip is illegal? Strip streets can become quite dangerous for traffic jams and high-speed drivers, for strangers or untraceable visitors. Therefore, the Nevada Taxi Administration has strict rules that require that taxis take passengers only to the intended taxi harbor: usually, passenger hiking places are at the entrance to the casino and restaurants. Let’s make it easy for us to find a taxi.
  8. Marry Who will tell your mom? And those pictures of the moment when you are drunk in the yes yes? They will never be appropriate to intimidate. Just say “no” to fast Las Vegas marriage. Unless you pay $ 40 for Little White Wedding Chapel’s chapel, Drive Thru Special, do not put your dollars in the machine, where the likelihood of luck will be bigger, and if you even get bored, It is cheaper than punctuation.
  9. I’ve been cheating¬† Strip Hearts advertiser and the cards I’ve been offering to brush the “free” tickets to the passers-by. However, check out these coupons to skip some. Sometimes, reading the text in a small rectangle, you will find that when you go to a club, there is a requirement of at least two spells, and sometimes at the end of the evening, a lumpiki service fee is added to your general account. We all know that Las Vegas is not worth the money, so go along with the synopsis of the details of the offer and make sure that the amount you save on tickets will not cost you too much.
  10. I’ll take a night trip. You will have enough time to recover after a tiring weekend in Las Vegas, so do not sign up for a nightly trip back home and do not try another way to handle things if you do not want to leave the land for a while. Allow yourself, if it is possible, to lay down for the whole day, to recover the legs and to load luggage. Other work on the work to be done by the Recovery Bank: Take off your name from all your Facebook photos, prepare your bank account balance, and make sure you never drink more vodka.

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